Monday, 11 April 2016

Ickworth House

I spent last Sunday the 10th April at Ickworth house where the 95th Rifles along with the Napoleonic Association held their second annual weekend camp.

For me some of the best en-actors had become very grubby due to the camp site getting very wet overnight, also it had become very cold so living under canvas must have been less than comfortable & this was just for one weekend.  It struck me that this must have been the case for the real war & the battle. We get so used to seeing our modern solders smart and polished we are probably not getting the reality of living in a war zone.  

Prussian (German) troops apparently supporting the British in this campaign.

This man was dressed in a British naval Lieutenant’s uniform of the time. He had been seconded to the army. The actor had a great knowledge of the character he was playing, it was based on a relative of his who had served under Vice Admiral Collingwood.

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